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Financial Tips for Your Fur Babies

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February 16, 2021
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How To Plan For Your Pup

Good Dog

So you’re looking to add a four-legged friend to your family! Whether this is your first pet or you’re thinking about giving your current pet a new buddy, it is important to plan ahead and make sure your finances can handle bringing in a fur baby.

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Does Money Grow on Trees?

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January 25, 2021
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Financial Tips For Preschoolers

does money grow on treesDoes Money Grow on Trees?

"Um no, silly," said 3-year-old Rose.

It seems like this preschooler has some idea how simple finances work. According to research, as soon as a child has this basic understanding of the concepts of money, it is the best time to start educating them about financial resposibility. Many spending and savings habits are formed by the time a child is 7-years-old.

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Longtime Bellwether Board Member Steps Down After Half Century of Service

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January 04, 2021
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Board Member David Anderson Announces Retirement


David Anderson
David Anderson (inset bottom right) spent 50 years on the Bellwether Community Credit Union Board of Directors. He is also pictured on the far left at one of his earlier credit union meetings about half century ago.

When David Anderson joined the Board of Directors of what is now Bellwether Community Credit Union, banking looked a little different than it does today. There were savings passbooks, adding machines and lots of paper passed around.

Despite all the changes Bellwether has experienced over the years, the credit union’s principles have remained strong and steadfast throughout Anderson’s 50-year tenure at the credit union.

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Financial Resolutions for 2021

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December 31, 2020
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Money Tips for the New Year

2021 Resolution

2020 was a difficult year for many of us, and it shouldn’t come as much of a shock that a large number of people are eager to start fresh in 2021. After everything that happened in 2020, New Year’s Resolutions might be a bit different this year.

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Avoid the Holiday Spending Blues

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December 18, 2020
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Save Money This Holiday Season

Save Money During the HolidaysReally, 2020 has been difficult enough for most of us, so the last thing you want to do is end the year with huge holiday spending debt. It’s predicted that the average consumer will spend close to $500 in gift and gift cards this season. This may be good for the economy but not for some people’s wallets.

With less than a month away from Christmas, you will get bombarded with promotions and advertisements. So we recommend you plan ahead by creating a reasonable budget, making a gift-giving list and thinking outside the box.

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