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Attitudes Toward Insurance

Posted in Main Blog
June 30, 2017
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introduction to insurance

Insurance coverage can be tricky to shop for, because it requires making specific financial decisions about some hazy and unpredictable concepts.  

Depending on the type of insurance you’re looking into, you might find yourself pondering some downright uncomfortable questions: 

• What would happen if I get sick the day I’m supposed to leave for the three-week European vacation I’ve been planning forever?

• What would happen if a major earthquake damaged my home? If my basement flooded? If there was a fire in my apartment building? 

• What would happen if I became so ill I couldn’t work any more? 

• What would happen if I had a break-in?

• What would happen to my family if I died tomorrow? 

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Boost Your Credit Score

Posted in Main Blog
June 13, 2017
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boosting your credi score

Credit scores are an area of personal finance that seem a lot more mysterious than they actually are. 

Many people believe that improving them is a matter of trial and error and, as a result, there’s a lot of “credit score advice” floating around that can end up doing more harm than good. Four common credit score myths have been rounded up and debunked below:

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Lease or Finance a car?

Posted in Main Blog
May 30, 2017
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leasing versus buying a new car

When it comes to buying a new car, you have three options:  

purchasing it with cash, purchasing it through a loan (also known as financing) or leasing it. For most shoppers, the decision comes down to buying or leasing.

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Are Checks Obsolete?

Posted in Main Blog
May 15, 2017
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Know Your Checking account

Loans help finance some of our biggest goals in life.  

Checks hold an odd place in our personal finances. In many ways, checks seem like relics from a previous era. We maybe write one or two checks a month (usually for rent or similar bill-paying situations where electronic payment simply isn’t an option). This is vastly different from only a few decades ago, when checks represented more than 85% of all non-cash retail payments. (Can you imagine whipping out a checkbook in line at the grocery store? Times have certainly changed!)

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Questions to Ask Before a Mortgage

Posted in Main Blog
April 10, 2017
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Demystifying Mortgages

Asking the right questions is an important part of every financial decision you make, and home ownership is no exception.   

If you’ve been thinking about buying a place, preliminary research will turn up a long checklist of questions for you to ask at every part of the process. 

There are questions for your financial institution, questions for your mortgage broker and questions for your real estate agent. But what about the questions you should be asking yourself?

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