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First Time Buyer in New Hampshire 

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5/5 ARM Current Rate: 

4.250% / 4.750% APR*

Our Easy Start Mortgage for first time homebuyers was specifically designed to take the pain & fear out of buying your first home. Many people avoid getting pre-approved to buy their first home out of fear of the expense, fear of how much they qualify for, and often just fear of the unknown! We have been hand-holding our members for over 90 years to help them realize their dream of home ownership… and our experienced team will make it easy for you too! For a complete list of the other mortgage products Bellwether offers, visit our Mortgage Rates page.


  • 3% Down
  • NO PMI
  • Purchase Transactions Only
  • Owner Occupied Properties Only

Bellwether is proud to offer some of the best rates when it comes to New Hampshire Adjustable Rate Mortgages.

Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs)*
Effective Date: Friday, February 22nd, 2019
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Payment examples shown below do not include taxes or insurance. Your payment may be greater.
Account TypeRateTermAnnual Percentage Rate (APR) As Low As*Payment Example*
1/1 ARM CMT 3.875% 30 years
3.875% initial rate
5.375% fully indexed
5.157% APR Mos 1-12:
Fully indexed:
3/1 ARM CMT 3.875% 30 years
3.875% initial rate
5.375% fully indexed
4.948% APR Mos 1-36:
Fully indexed:
5/1 ARM CMT 3.875% 30 years
3.875% initial rate
5.375% fully indexed
4.769% APR Mos 1-60:
Fully indexed:
5/5 ARM CMT 4.000% 30 years
4.000% initial rate
5.000% fully indexed
4.659% APR Mos 1-60:
Fully indexed:
Easy Start 5/5 ARM CMT 4.250% 30 years
4.250% initial rate
5.000% fully indexed
4.750% APR Mos 1-60:
Fully indexed:
7/1 ARM CMT 4.250% 30 years
4.250% initial rate
5.375% fully indexed
4.846% APR Mos 1-84:
Fully indexed:
10/1 ARM CMT 4.375% 30 years
4.375% initial rate
5.375% fully indexed
4.726% APR Mos 1-120:
Fully indexed:


* All rates and Annual Percentage Rates (APR) subject to change without notice. APR and payment example are based on a $200,000 loan and a 20% down payment. ARM CMT loans shown have a 30 year term, are payable monthly, and include an adjustable rate feature. Initial rate is fixed for the initial period and then one year adjustable thereafter.



This may be your first home, but this isn't our first mortgage. We'll be there for you every step of the way.

Contact our mortgage team today by phone: 603-645-8115 or email:

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*As of 11/15/2018, the rate for this 5-year adjustable rate loan was 4.375% fixed for 5 years (60 months) and adjusts every 5 years thereafter for the remaining term. Rate is variable and subject to change. ARM = Adjustable Rate Mortgage. 360 monthly payments of $998.57 based on $200,000 at 4.375%. Maximum loan-to-value (LTV) is 97%. 0 points due at closing. The annual percentage rate is 5.106% APR. The fully indexed payment is $1,113.08. After the initial 5 years, the principal and interest payment can adjust up to $1,​133.37. This loan has 2/2/5 caps, which means that your interest rate may not increase by more than 2% at the initial adjustment, may not increase or decrease by more than 2% at each subsequent adjustment, and may not increase or decrease by more than 5% over the life of the loan. Payment does not include taxes and/or insurance premiums. The actual payment amount may be greater, and your APR will vary based on your final loan amount and finance charges. Available for 1–2 family owner occupied residences only. Flood insurance may be required. ​Subject to credit approval. Your rate and APR may be higher. All loans priced individually. Equal Housing Lender. Federally insured by NCUA.


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