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is your atm "pin" safe?

ATMs, or our 24/7 self-service kiosks, Transact24 are great tools that give you quick access to your accounts. Transact24 even allows you to deposit checks, make loan payments, print cashier checks, and access account history. While we all love the access Transact24 and ATMs provide, we need to follow a few precautions to keep our hard earned money safe! In addition to physical security, make sure you also pay attention to your personal identification number (PIN)!

In this article, we'll share some interesting and recently discovered facts about PIN safety. We hope this helps you and your accounts enjoy increased safety and security.

What makes a bad PIN?

Most ATMs accept a four-digit pin number using numbers 0 to 9. This represents 10,000 potential PIN numbers for you to use. However, a staggering 11% of Americans are using “1234” as their PIN number. What are the top 20 PIN number selections?

Rank Bad Pin
1 1234
2 1111
3 0000
4 1212
5 7777
6 1004
7 2000
8 4444
9 2222
10 6969
11 9999
12 3333
13 5555
14 6666
15 1122
16 1313
17 8888
18 4321
19 2001
20 1010

Source: Data Genetics, September 2012

These are all PIN numbers to avoid.

Happy Birthday, thanks for your money!

Another common pin number is some combination of numbers from your birthday: MMDD, MMYY, YYYY, YYMM, and DDMM. If your wallet is stolen, it will probably hold both your debit card and your identification… which will probably have your birth date! Not only should you not carry your PIN number in your wallet, you shouldn’t make it something which is documented in your wallet!

Still need to call Jenny about the James Bond marathon?

Another popular way to pick a pin seems to pull from popular culture: 5309 and 0007 are both popular pin numbers as well. Since Jenny isn’t going to watch James Bond with you, there is no reason to remember these numbers. It’s okay to pick something else! (And if you don't get the Jenny or James Bond reference, trust us, its funny).

Don’t repeat yourself! Don’t repeat yourself! Don’t repeat…

Other popular combinations include 0101, 0202, 0303. Avoid repetition, except in exercise (or chocolate).

Warning: Don’t use these either

The study also released the bottom 20 from the 10,000 combinations used. You aren't the only one reading this so avoid these number as well:

Rank PIN
9981 8557
9982 9047
9983 8438
9984 0439
9985 9539
9986 8196
9987 6093
9988 9827
9989 7394
9990 0859
9991 8957
9992 9480
9993 6793
9994 8398
9995 0738
9996 7637
9997 6835
9998 9629
9999 8093
10000 8068

Source: Data Genetics, September 2012

Instead, select a random set of digits you don’t use for anything else. Avoid 8068 at all costs! Again, you aren't the only one reading this! Commit it to memory and you’ll be confident knowing your information is safe and secure!

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