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New Hampshire Personal Loans

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As a New Hampshire credit union with almost a century of experience, we are proud to offer personal loans in all shapes and sizes. Our team of dedicated professionals works to personalize loans to meet your specific borrowing needs. Bellwether offers everything from short-term signature loans to share secured loans. Whether you're looking for a line of credit in New Hampshire, or require a specialized loan for computers, vehicles, or even pet health, we can help.

Bellwether offers New Hampshire personal loans to assist our community with an array of needs. Take advantage of tailored financing solutions to fund small projects, special events, or emergency expenses. We provide personal loans in New Hampshire with flexible terms, ensuring each member gets the funds they need, when they need it. Take advantage of a personal line of credit from BCCU to protect against overdraft fees with your Loyalty Rewards Checking account.

Computer Loan

computer mouse iconWhether you’re purchasing your first home computer, buying a laptop for college, or simply keeping up with the latest technology, talk to us about a low rate computer loan from BCCU. You’ll have the funds you need to take advantage of the latest trends in technology. This is a great option for students, and could be another great way to start building your credit history.

Debt Consolidation Loan

credit card iconWhen it comes to debt, more is definitely not better. Consolidate your debt down to one single, lower monthly payment with Bellwether and take back control of your financial life.

Wedding Loan

heart iconPlanning a wedding isn’t easy. You need to make sure Aunt Cathy and Cousin Janet aren’t seated near each other, that the cake is coming out just as you imagined, and please oh please don’t let Uncle Murray anywhere near the DJ! There’s just no room to be worried about money during your big day. A loan with Bellwether will help put your mind at ease, so you can focus on saying ‘I do’ and not ‘I can’t.’ 

Medical Loan

bandaid iconIf you're struggling to determine how to pay for your medical bills, consider a medical loan from Bellwether. Personal loans aren't just for credit card debt, they can also be used for unexpected emergencies and medical bills.

Healthy Pet Loan

paw print iconYeah Sprinkles can drive you nuts when she has an accident on the floor or chews up your shoes while you’re still wearing them, but she’s still a member of the family! When those unexpected vet bills seem overwhelming, a loan from Bellwether could be just what the veterinarian ordered.

Vacation Loan

airplane iconThe warm sand between your toes, the breathtaking view atop a mountain, waking up to the sound of a running river, the worry and anxiety of how you’re going to afford the trip… wait that last one doesn’t sound so great. Don’t just get away from home, leave your financial worries there too with a vacation loan from Bellwether!

Take a look at this chart to see your estimated payments based on loan about and the length of the loan:

Length of loan
in months
$5,000 $10,000 $15,000
36 $159.35 $318.70 $478.04
48 $125.97 $251.95 $377.92
60 $106.60 $213.21 $319.81
*Estimated payments above are for illustrative purposes only and are based on a 9.15% APR for 36 months, 9.65% APR for 48 months, and Personal Loan 60 Month Term for 60 months. Your actual rate will be determined by your creditworthiness and ability to repay. Loan payment amounts will be different for APRs other than those listed above. See our Rates page for more details.

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Looking for Something Else?

  • In the market for a new car? Bellwether offers some of the best rates for Auto Loans in New Hampshire.
  • Bellwether is also proud to offer a variety of loans for other vehicles, such as motorcylce loans, boat loans, and RV loans.
  • Line of Credit Loans are another option if you need an immediate cashflow to help with emergency expenses.

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Personal Loans/Lines
Effective Date: Friday, November 16th, 2018
Account TypeAnnual Percentage Rate (APR) As Low As*CommentsApplication
Personal Line of Credit 11.14% APR  

Apply Here

Personal Loan up to 36 Month Term 9.15% APR Est. monthly pmt: $31.87 per $1,000

Apply Here

Personal Loan 48 Month Term 9.65% APR Est. monthly pmt: $25.20 per $1,000

Apply Here

Personal Loan 60 Month Term 10.15% APR Est. monthly pmt: $21.32 per $1,000

Apply Here

Energy Loan up to 36 Month Term 8.15% APR Est. monthly pmt: $31.41 per $1,000

Apply Here

Energy Loan 48 Month Term 8.65% APR Est. monthly pmt: $24.72 per $1,000

Apply Here

Energy Loan 60 Month Term 9.15% APR Est. monthly pmt: $20.83 per $1,000

Apply Here

* Rates are subject to change at any time. For Personal Loans and Greenlight Energy Efficiency Loans, other rates and terms are available. Your actual rate will be determined by your creditworthiness and ability to repay. Rates quoted for Personal Loans and Greenlight Energy Efficiency Loans include a .10% discount. Rates for members without Loyalty Rewards checking would be .10% higher. There is no discount on Personal lines of Credit. Please call 1-866-996-9828 for more details. Payment examples assume $0.00 down payment. All loans subject to credit approval.

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