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Finding the new car or truck you want, at the price you want, with an affordable car payment can be a challenge. Getting the right auto loan to suit your budget may seem like an impossible task - not anymore! You can trust Bellwether Community Credit Union to help you every step of the way. We offer great rates on new and used cars, helping you find the vehicle of your dreams in the New Hampshire area. We have also recently expanded our membership to anyone living or working in Essex or Middlesex Counties in Massachusetts! You can also lower your interest rate when you are an active Loyalty Rewards Checking member.

We can also provide you with the resources you need to find the car, get the best auto loan rate and purchase the car loan or truck loan you're looking for. Learn why Bellwether is your premier auto loan lender and drive off in the vehicle of your dreams sooner. Refinance your existing loan and see if we can lower your payment.

Just Say Show Me the CARFAX®

A car's history affects its value. CARFAX® Vehicle History ReportsTM can help you make better used car-buying decisions. CARFAX has the most accident and damage information. A CARFAX Vehicle History Report purchased via our CARFAX website costs $19.99 for one vehicle and we will waive that fee when your loan is approved and funded through Bellwether. 

Our team will pull the CARFAX Report and review it with you. Visit our CARFAX portal to learn more about the benefits of requesting a CARFAX Report.



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Use Bellwether's Auto Loan Calculator to calculate what your monthly payment might be. Choose your loan length and rate to start, and discover your potential auto loan options today.


Rates effective as of October 19, 2020

Want to learn more about your auto loan options and terms? Visit our Manchester, Nashua, or Bedford branches and talk to one of our helpful associates.




Bellwether is proud to offer competitive auto loan rates for residents in New Hampshire or Essex/Middlesex County, Massachusetts. Browse current rates for new and used vehicles below to examine term length, percentage financed, and APR options. Check current rates on all of our loans here.

Auto Loans: New and Used
Effective Date: Monday, October 19th, 2020
Vehicle YearTerm% FinancedAnnual Percentage Rate (APR) As Low As*CommentsApplication
Vehicle Years 2020 through 2018
2020 - 2018 0-66 Months Up to 100% 2.99% APR Est. monthly pmt: $29.08 per $1,000 (36 mos.)
Est. monthly pmt: $22.13 per $1,000 (48 mos.)
Est. monthly pmt: $17.96 per $1,000 (60 mos.)

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2020 - 2018 67-75 Months Up to 100% 3.29% APR Est. monthly pmt: $14.77 per $1,000 for 75 months

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2020 - 2018 76-84 Months Up to 100% 4.34% APR Est. monthly pmt: $13.83 per $1,000 for 84 months

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Vehicle Years 2017 through 2014
2017 - 2014 0-66 Months Up to 100% 3.14% APR Est. monthly pmt: $29.14 per $1,000 (36 mos.)
Est. monthly pmt: $22.20 per $1,000 (48 mos.)
Est. monthly pmt: $18.03 per $1,000 (60 mos.)

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2017 - 2014 67-75 Months Up to 100% 3.69% APR Est. monthly pmt: $14.95 per $1,000 for 75 months

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2017 - 2014 76-84 Months Up to 100% 4.79% APR Est. monthly pmt: $14.04 per $1,000 for 84 months

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Vehicle Years 2013 through 2011
2013 - 2011 0-66 Months Up to 100% 3.74% APR Est. monthly pmt: $29.41 per $1,000 (36 mos.)
Est. monthly pmt: $22.46 per $1,000 (48 mos.)
Est. monthly pmt: $18.30 per $1,000 (60 mos.)

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2013 - 2011 67-75 Months Up to 100% 4.29% APR Est. monthly pmt: $15.22 per $1,000 for 75 months

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Vehicle Years 2010 and Older
2010 & older 0-48 Months Up to 80% 5.79% APR Est. monthly pmt: $23.39 per $1,000 (48 mos.)

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*Rates quoted are for well-qualified buyers. Your actual rate and term will be determined by your credit worthiness and ability to repay. Rates shown include a .10% discount for Loyalty Rewards Checking. To calculate undiscounted rate, add back the appropriate discount(s) based on your specific situation. Title, UCC & VSI fees will be charged when necessary. Payment examples assume $0.00 down payment on a $10,000 vehicle. All loans subject to credit approval. Rates are subject to change at any time.


After you've applied for your auto loan and purchased the car or truck of your dreams, protect your investment with affordable loan protection products* from Bellwether including:

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP): When the unexpected happens, make sure you're prepared. For just a few dollars added to your regular payment (or the full price paid up front), you can save yourself from making loan payments on a car, truck or other vehicle that's been totaled or stolen and not recovered.

Mechanical Repair Coverage (MRC): With this coverage, you can protect your vehicle - and your budget - from unexpected repair expenses that could total hundreds or even thousands of dollars. 

Tru$tage Auto & Homeowners Insurance: Auto owners in New Hampshire trust Bellwether Community Credit Union to provide quality products and services to meet their financial needs. We've joined with a dedicated team of insurance professionals to bring you the Tru$tage™ Auto & Homeowners Insurance Program. 

* Insurance products sold through or in the credit union are not insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) and are not issued, guaranteed, or underwritten by the Credit Union or the NCUA or any other federal government agency. There is no requirement or obligation to purchase insurance from the Credit Union or any subsidiary, affiliate, or particular unaffiliated third party as a condition to obtaining a loan, and a decision as to insurance agents will not affect the credit terms in any way. The Credit Union may not condition an extension of credit on an agreement not to obtain, or a prohibition on the applicant from obtaining an insurance product or annuity from an unaffiliated entity.

Bellwether offers other vehicle loans as well

Are you looking for another type of vehicle loan? Bellwether offers a full array of loans, helping you purchase a variety of vehicles beyond cars and trucks. Apply for vehicle loans including:

Learn more about other vehicle loans available from Bellwether Community Credit Union.




You may be able to save money on your auto loan by refinancing with Bellwether! Click here for more information.




Sometimes your monthly income just doesn't stretch far enough to cover everything, and other times you just need some extra cash to cover an unexpected expense. Maybe you need a little time off with your spouse, away from the daily grind and household responsibilities. Perhaps your kids have finally worn you down enough to get you to buy that new game system. Wouldn't it be nice if you could skip that car, boat, RV, or personal loan payment just for a month so you could make everybody happy?

At Bellwether Community Credit Union, we understand life gets crazy, and adulting is hard. You work hard, and you do the responsible thing all the time, and it's not always fun. That's why we've developed a program called Skip-a-Pay, which lets people take a break from their loan payments and catch their breath.




Have a question about NH auto loans? Browse our vehicle loan FAQs below.

APR stands for Annual Percentage Rate, which is the rate of interest that you will pay on the loan each year.

The higher your credit score and the better your credit history, the more likely you are to receive better interest rates.

You can potentially lower your interest rate if you are an active Loyalty Rewards Checking member.

Many variables will help determine your auto loan, including the cost of the car, your credit score, the length of your auto loan, interest rates, your down payment, and whether you're getting a new or used car.

Yes, you can refinance your New Hampshire auto loan and we are happy to help you move your loan over to Bellwether Community Credit Union. Learn more.

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