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Our personal checking accounts are easy to manage and you'll reap the rewards. Use our free mobile banking app to check your accounts or deposit checks. Pay your bills online. Access your eStatements at home. Sign up for Direct Deposit and have your paychecks distributed to your checking account as soon as they're made available. Manage your checking account anywhere and anytime. And if you want to talk with one of our friendly representatives, our three New Hampshire locations have their doors open for you. Bellwether has also expanded membership to anyone living or working in Essex or Middlesex Counties in Massachusetts!

Bellwether's Loyalty Rewards checking accounts are rewards accounts, which means that you'll earn rewards just by banking with us. Our Loyalty Rewards levels include Student, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Our credit union is proud to offer low fees and rates, and with our Loyalty Accounts, you'll get even lower ones. And, if you don't need the rewards, our LIVE FREE checking account offers plenty of FREE services without any maintenance fees or minimum balance requirements.

You can open a LIVE FREE or Loyalty Rewards checking account online today.



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Live Free

Our free checking account is as simple as it gets! It features:

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*Other fees may apply please consult our Consumer Schedule of Fees for more information.

**Overdraft Protection requires credit approval. Annual fee may apply for Overdraft Protection.


You can open a Student Checking Account if you're between the ages of 16 and 22. Student accounts have no minimum balance or eStatement requirements. There are no monthly fees, plus you'll get bonus rates on Certificates and IRAs


Our Silver Level Checking Account is easiest rewards-based checking account you'll find. Qualify by signing up for eStatements, or by maintaining a minimum combined balance of $300. Silver Level features include:

Students between ages 16 and 22 are also eligible for a Student Silver Checking Account. There's no minimum balance or eStatement requirement for Student Silver. 


Qualify for Gold Level by enrolling in at least two convenience services (Bill Pay, Direct Deposit, or eStatements). Or, maintain a combined balance of $300 or more. Gold Level features all the Silver Level benefits, plus:


Qualify for Platinum Level by having combined balances of $300 or more. Platinum Level features all of the Silver and Gold benefits, plus:

Loyalty Rewards Checking Benefits
Effective Date: Tuesday, January 26th, 2021





Bonus Rates




No Fee!*




Nationwide Access








Additional Bonuses***



* No monthly fee if eligibility is maintained. Silver Loyalty Level requires either a combined balance, of deposit and outstanding VISA and loan balances, of $300 OR by signing up for eStatements. Gold Loyalty Level can be maintained by enrolling in at least two convenience services (Bill Pay, Direct Deposit, or eStatements) or by maintaining a combined balance of $5,000 or more. Platinum Loyalty Level requires combined balances of $25,000 or more. Loyalty checking accounts that do not meet the minimum requirements for the Silver level (eStatements or a $300 balance) will be charged a $4 monthly fee or the member can elect to switch to our LiveFree Checking.

** Dividends earned on balances of $300 or more for Gold Loyalty Level, and a premium dividend is earned on checking balances of $2,500 or more with Platinum Loyalty Level. Check current rates by clicking here.

*** Annual fee waived for Choice Advantage Line of Credit, one of the three options available for overdraft protection.

Loyalty Checking accounts that do not meet the minimum requirements for the Silver level (eStatements or a $300 balance) will be charged a $4 monthly fee or the member can elect to switch to our LiveFree Checking. Please see here for all fees


We know mistakes happen.

Bellwether's Courtesy Pay overdraft account help out when you accidentally overdraw your account!

Not a member yet?

It only takes $5 to open a savings account and join the Bellwether family!



A checking account is a bank account that's used mainly for transactions. In fact, the technical term for a checking account is a "transaction account." The owner is usually able to withdraw from or deposit money into a checking account at any time. When you have a checking account, you're able to get a checkbook to write checks.

A checking account is mainly used for transactions, so it's common for the owner to frequently make withdrawals or deposits. A savings account is used to set aside money so that it won't be used in transactions. 

Savings accounts usually have more strict usage rules. For example, most banks and credit unions require savings accounts to have a minimum balance at all times. Savings accounts usually have transaction limits, which means you're limited as to how many times per month you can pull money from the account. The rules exist so that you'll use the account to set aside money and not spend it.

A debit card is linked to a checking account. When you use a debit card to make a transaction, the money is pulled from your checking account. It's a substitute for cash.

You'll have a variety of ways to check your checking account when you open one with Bellwether. You can check your account at any one of our three New Hampshire branches, or you can check your account online or on our free mobile app. We can also send you monthly account statements by mail.

A checking account has a number of benefits. It provides records of payments and gives you more financial security by allowing you to depsit cash in a safe place. A checking account makes it easier for you to pay or get paid, since you're able to make electronic transactions or transactions via check.

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