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How to Automate Your Financial Life.

Authored By: BCCU on 11/29/2017
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Budget your bills and save for that big-ticket item with zero effort—all by automating your personal finances


Sometimes banking can be a hassle. Paying bills, depositing checks, even just managing your money and savings can be a chore requiring multiple visits to the bank. Shouldn’t it be just a little bit faster and easier? Luckily, yes, and more importantly most of it can be done from a computer or smart device. Let’s go through some personal finance strategies to automate your financial life and take some of the work out of banking.

How direct deposit works

If you haven’t already, the first step to automating your financial life is to set up direct deposit for your income. Direct deposit is a fast, safe, and convenient way to receive your paycheck, eliminating waiting periods for paper checks and the need to visit a bank in person to deposit your pay. Check with your place of employment or other sources of income to see if they offer this option so you can eliminate your bi-weekly trip to the bank and make your money accessible instantly on pay day. 

What if your employer doesn’t offer direct deposit? With Bellwether Credit Union’s Mobile24 app you can easily deposit checks using your smart phone! Simply take a picture of the check you want to deposit and upload it directly to the app with no additional fees. 

At Bellwether Credit Union, you can also automate your deposits to go into specific accounts for saving or spending, taking away the need to manually transfer money between your accounts. 

How can direct deposits save you time?

  • There is no longer a need to visit your bank in person to access your paycheck.
  • Direct deposits are instant, eliminating the need to wait several days to a week for a deposited check to clear.
  • Funds can be automatically deposited to a specific account to instantly budget or save your money.
  • No more worrying about misplacing or damaging paper checks.?

How to  set up E-bills and recurring payments

bill pay
Automating your bill paying can free up your time and help you save behind the scenes.

The second personal finance strategy to automate your financial life is managing how you pay and receive your bills. Did you know with Bellwether Credit Union you can pay bills from your computer or phone? Not only that, but you can eliminate paper bills entirely and get easy access to them at any time with E-bills on our Online Banking* system. 

To pay bills online, simply set up the specified payee using the Bill Pay tool on Online Banking. You can even automate recurring bill payment of the same amount to take away the worry of paying your bills on time. Manage and categorize your payments to easily track which bills have been paid and add memos in your payment history to keep important notes in case you need to review past payments.


How can E-bills and recurring payments save you time?

  • Bills are accessible via your electronic device as soon as they’re available.
  • Pay your bills online instantly, without the need to write a paper check.
  • Automatic payments take the hassle and worry out of paying recurring bills.
  • Assign categories or add notes to easily reference and track your payments.?

For step-by-step instructions to set up any of the automation methods above, click the links below:

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*Additional monthly charges may apply (Total Bill Management includes monthly service charges)

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