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Web24 Bill Pay

Online Bill Pay

Instructions for Getting Started

To get started using Online Bill Pay, login to Online Banking and click on Bill Payment from the left menu.

You’ll be presented with a list of funding accounts (accounts from which you can pay bills).  These will typically be your checking accounts associated with your membership.  Select one and click the Confirm button.

screenshot showing list of funding accounts

[Please Note:  You can select more than one funding account to use with Online Bill Pay.  However, once you select and confirm other funding accounts, you will not see them in your funding menu until the next time you login.]

At this point, you may get a message that says that you do not have any Payees.  Simply click Close to continue.

The next screen will be your main Bill Pay screen.   Your payees will be listed in the center of the screen.  Any scheduled payments will be listed in the right hand column.

Select Grid or List to customize this view.

To edit a payee, click on the pencil icon to the right of their name.

screenshot showing  how to edit a payee

To pay a vendor/payee, click on their name.  Next, select a funding account in which to pay from.

screenshot showing where to add a vendor/payee

Enter the amount to pay.  Be sure to click the Save button.

screenshot highlighting save button

Next select the delivery method you would like to use to send the payment.

screenshot showing delivery method options

Finally, select the date in which you would like the payment to arrive. 

Please note:  Funds will not come out of your account until the vendor/payee is paid.  Electronic payments may take a couple of days to clear your account.   Payees requiring a physical check to be mailed make take several days to clear your account.

screenshot showing date picker

Select Manage Payees and then Go to BillPay site for more options or if you need to add several payees at one time.  

screenshot showing menu options

This view makes it easy to add several new payees at one time or pay a number of your vendors by just entering the amount you want to pay each one, the delivery by date, and clicking the Confirm All Payments button.

screenshot showing how to add several new payees at one time or pay a number of your vendors

Please note:  If you are the Primary member and were enrolled in Bill Pay prior to Apri l 18, your Bill Pay vendors will be pulled over and should be displayed for you.  If you are a Joint member using your new Login ID, you will need to set up your vendors by adding them again.  Both Primary members and Joint members will be able to pay vendors from their shared funding accounts; however scheduled payments and history will not be shared between the two Login IDs/members.

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