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Safe Money Travel Tips

When traveling, who doesn’t want a hassle free experience? But it often seems like the cards are stacked against you: tiny overhead compartments, fees for carry-ons, airport headaches – many times going on vacation almost requires a vacation to recover when you come back!

You have enough to worry about just getting to the sunny paradise you deserve - don’t add money hassles to your trip!

Here are some easy steps to make sure that your vacation is hassle free!

  1. Have some cash on hand
    Whenever you travel to another state or another country, carry some cash!

    Never keep all of your eggs in one basket! Cash on hand protects you if you lose your debit card, or try to use it where your debit card isn’t accepted! Like that little shop on the remote island that sells incredible local crafts, but has no ability to process a card. Just keep that cash hidden away. Then, if the rain comes, or your side trip is a bit more adventurous than the Louvre, you’ll still be good to go!
  2. Tell your credit union you’ll be traveling
    Sure your friends and family know you’ll be away from home for a trip, but does your credit union? It’s a good idea, especially if you’re planning on using your debit card.

    For security purposes, many credit unions freeze your account if they become suspicious that someone has stolen your debit card number. Seeing it suddenly used in a different state or country can be a red flag, and limitations or a freeze will be placed to protect you. This works great when you’re sitting at home and someone else is renting a 5 star hotel room in Rome under your name with your debit card. But if you’re the one renting the room, having the card declined can be a major headache!

    You can easily avoid the annoyance of raised eyebrows and a declined card while you’re out enjoying yourself on vacation – just give us a heads up and you’ll be kicking back poolside in no time with no worries! Don’t forget the tanning lotion!
  3. Make sure to keep your identification and ready cash separate
    It’s easy to drop a wallet or money clip while hanging out at the beach or on a busy city street! Don’t take a chance – carry a lanyard around your neck or use a money belt. Keeping a reserve stash in your hotel room or hotel safe protects you as well, just in case the worst happens.

    If your suitcase has a hidden compartment, you can put some cash in there, or hide it away in a plastic bag hidden with dirty laundry.
  4. Use a hotel safe instead of a room safe for valuables
    It’s always a good idea to check out the hotel you are going to stay at ahead of time. Is it part of a chain? Does it have good reviews? Do your research carefully and don’t be afraid to work with a travel agency.

    When you finally arrive, ask about the hotel safe. A hotel safe is a good place to store valuables that you don’t want on you or lying about your room. The safe will usually have a 24-hour presence around it as well, unlike your room.

These tips can help to make your trip safe for your wallet and yourself, and give you peace of mind while you enjoy a much-deserved rest!

Bon Voyage!

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