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The "Save It Today!" Kid's Club helps teach financial literacy to our younger New Hampshire members by offering them a simple savings account to get them started. While the mascots and web page are designed to appeal to younger children, our special savings account with its premium dividend rate is a great idea for all kids through the age of 17.*

Some Features of our Kid's Club Accounts Include:

  • No minimum balance.
  • $5 to open.
  • Balance earns a premium rate from the first penny deposited, equal to the highest tier on our Money Market on full balance up to $500. Any amount above that limit earns our standard savings rate.

Some Ways Your Child Will Enjoy the Account:

  • Our colorful mascots, Dollar Bill, Linc 'n Penny, and Buck.
  • A kid-friendly webpage featuring:
    • Coloring pages to print out featuring Dollar Bill and the gang.
    • Easy-to-Read financial lessons about allowance, ways to earn extra money, what saving, spending, and donating is all about, and more!
    • Direct Email link to Dollar Bill for all their financial questions
    • Links to other fun and educational sites
  • Special gift at account opening.

Our site complies with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

Read our Children's Online Privacy Statement.

Bellwether Community Credit Union is committed to safeguarding information about our members and visitors to our site, and that includes information we may receive from children. Please review our Children's Online Privacy Statement, which we have implemented in response to the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). Bellwether Community Credit Union's Children's Online Privacy Statement

*An adult is required on all accounts for children through the age of 15. The child’s social security number is required to receive benefits. Three account types qualify for use as a “Save It Today!” Kids Club savings account:

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