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“Pay Yourself First” is a core principle in managing a budget, then comes housing expenses, groceries, tuition bills, vacation, retirement savings, all in different orders of importance for everyone. It can get overwhelming, but with Bellwether Community Credit Union’s BudgetSaver24, we’ve made it easy by putting it all on automatic!

BudgetSaver24 allows you to link your checking account to up to five separate savings account “folders”. You then schedule regular automatic transfers from your checking to these folders to help you meet your goals. Then sit back and relax. Your funds will automatically be set aside, ready when you need them since you’ve set up the schedule. Seems simple, and it really is!

BudgetSaver24 is a perfect way to start a rainy day fund, save for a holiday or your annual family vacation, be prepared for an annual tax or fuel bill, or even save for a special one time event like a wedding or anniversary celebration. Just set up the account folders, authorize the transfer from your checking account and you’re on your way. It’s that easy! Another great feature? You always have access to your money, and can easily transfer it back if necessary. You’re in total control and can change account purposes, transfer amounts and timing, and even give the accounts nicknames so you’ll be able to check your savings progress easily.

Get started on simplifying your budget with BudgetSaver24 today!

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