Bellwether's Pay a Friend is an easy, secure, peer-to-peer payment service.

Send Money to friends and family anywhere!

Peer-to-peer payments are an easy way of sending and receiving money as easy as emailing and texting. Whether it’s paying allowance, splitting the check, or sending a birthday gift, peer-to-peer payments allow you to quickly transfer money from your existing debit account to almost anybody else’s. They do not need to have an account at Bellwether.


You initiate a payment up to $500 from any device. Your recipient receives funds almost immediately.


No registration or setup required—the feature is ready to use in online, mobile and tablet.


Every transaction requires your debit card PIN, making it as safe as any debit transaction.

Get started today!

  1. Log into Bellwether's App from your Apple or Android device
  2. Click "Services & Alerts" then select "Pay a Friend"
  3. Read the Terms & Conditions
  4. Click the Agree button and follow the steps.


Please give us a call at 1-866-996-9828 and we'll be happy to assist you with any questions about peer-to-peer payments or how they work.

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