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Exciting News at Bellwether!

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March 22, 2019
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bellwether is excited to announce some major news!

Bellwether President and CEO Mike L'Ecuyer has been named CItizen of the Year by the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

Citizen of the Year 2019 Michael L'Ecuyer

We are so proud of our CEO, Mike L’Ecuyer for winning Manchester Citizen of the Year! Throughout his career, Mike has been a passionate leader and tirelessly involved at Bellwether and in the Manchester community. Congratulations on this well-deserved recognition! Read the full press release here. 

The Palace Theatre and Bellwether have announced a 10-year partnership


“This is a great example of collaboration between public sector and private sector, in terms of Bellwether and not-for-profit Palace Theatre,” said Michael L’Ecuyer, president and CEO of Bellwether Community Credit Union. “We’re thrilled to do this. Any time you’re in a partnership with Peter (Ramsey, head of the Palace Theatre Trust) it’s exciting, and hopefully we can have a little bit of an impact on downtown Manchester. We look forward over the next 10 years to having an impact.” Read the full press release here.

Stay tuned for another major announcement in the coming weeks!



3 Compelling Benefits of Having Multiple Checking Accounts

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January 24, 2019
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Benefits of Having Multiple Checking Accounts

Achieve Peace of Mind with a Bellwether Checking AccountManaging finances is something everyone making money has to deal with; finding optimal ways to accomplish this mandatory task is an ever-learning experience. The standard banking strategy for most is to have one checking and one savings account, yet is this optimal? Let's explore this question by discussing 3 compelling benefits of having multiple checking accounts.






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New vs. Used Car Buying

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November 01, 2018 by BCCU
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New vs. Used Car: Reasons to Buy

new vs used buying

If you're in the market for your first or your next vehicle, deciding between new and used can be a tricky choice. There's something reassuring about a brand new vehicle that has never been driven by anyone else, with everything from upholstery to engine in its optimal condition. However, new vehicles can be pricey. Used vehicles are much more affordable, but you're also purchasing a vehicle that has been driven by somebody else—and possibly driven harshly, with future pricey repairs lying in wait.



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Bellwether Recognized with Great Rate Award for 2018

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October 22, 2018
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Bellwether Now Great Rate Certified

Bellwether Community Credit Union has received a Datatrac Great Rate Award for 2018. Datatrac certified eight categories of our deposit and loan products, including certificates, auto loans, and mortgages. Datatrac Great Rate Awards certify that deposit and loan rates outperform the market average for comparable products.

Great Rate Award

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The Snow is Coming! Do You Have the Right Car for Winter Driving?

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October 18, 2018
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Is Your Car Ready For The Snow?

Don't get stuck in the snow


It's finally time to start digging out your sweaters, boots, mittens, and extra blankets that you stasged away this Spring. The trees are changing color and pumpkin spice lattes are your beverage of choise these days. It truly is a beautiful time of the year. Enjoy the crisp air and seasonal treats, but be warned, the now is coming! It won't be too much longer before cold, wet, slippery snow takes over.

Think back to last year when the snow and ice started to build up on the roads. If you had a tough time getting around in your current car, do you think this winter will be any better? Probably not. In fact, from all indications it's going to be a brutal winter and there's going to be more snow and ice this year. Your car has gotten you where you need to go throughout the summer, but is it the best choice for winter driving?



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