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Why Join a Credit Union?

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People with a common bond—such as employees at a company—formed credit unions to benefit each other and their communities.

Credit unions and banks are both financial institutions, but credit unions have an important distinction—they were all formed by a group of regular people like you, people with a common bond.

Imagine the possibilities...

Bellwether Community Credit Union, for example, was founded over 90 years ago by a group of Bell Telephone employees. By starting the credit union, that group of employees became OWNERS of the credit union, able to offer their fellow co-owners (also called members) better rates, lower fees, and the services they really needed. In several cases, these were services the local banks couldn't or wouldn't offer them.

Can you imagine the advantages credit union members have as owners of a financial institution? They can create a financial institution that makes choices based on what is best for other members instead of a small group of shareholders miles and miles away.

Some amazing things credit unions do

Credit unions adhere to a set of co-operative principles that revolve around doing good for others. Here are just a few of the amazing things credit unions do:

1) Operate as a not-for-profit organization—After operating expenses, any extra money the credit union makes goes back to its members. These dividends usually take the shape of better interest rates and at some credit unions are even paid as an extra dividend deposit to member accounts. At Bellwether, we believe all members should benefit so extra funds are used to keep rates competitive and reduce fees for services or even offer free services, like Bill Pay or Remote Deposit Capture.

2) Amazing access—Credit unions usually have branches located in smaller communities, but offer members access all over the country through ATM machines and a shared branching network.

3) Cooperative and community spirit—Credit unions are cooperatives (owned by their members) and endeavour to partner and work with other cooperatives. They also work very hard to strengthen the communities in which they operate. More than almost any other business, credit unions believe their heart and strength lies in the hearts and minds of their local communities.

They are many more benefits—you can see them here.

Joining is easy

Joining a credit union is very easy. Start the process here, and get ready to enjoy the satisfying feeling of belonging to an organization that cares about its members and values its communities.

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