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Why Business Networking is So Important

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July 09, 2014 by Amanda N. Share on: Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Whether you are a recent college graduate or a seasoned professional, business networking is important for the growth of your career. Take the time to consider who you know and who they know. You’ll soon realize you have more connections than you thought you did. Why not take advantage of these relationships? Statistics show that 95% of people network for building relationships.

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Fast Company outlines the following “3 Best Practices for Effective Business Networking.”

  1. Leave every event with at least one person to follow-up with
  2. Obligate time to build your social networks
  3. Concentrate on building 5-10 strong relationships

This advice sounds easy, but the thought of networking scares some people. If you are a person that is afraid of business networking, check out: 3 Ways to overcome your Networking Fears, from “The Fast Track.”

When an event comes up, use these tips from Entrepreneur, to increase your chances of meeting someone new:

Tip #1 Arrive Early

  • Arrive early. Start a discussion with people not already talking to someone else.
  • Ask what brought them to the event. It opens the floor for further discussion.

Tip #2 It’s not all about you

  • Smile to show other people that you are approachable.
  • Allow the conversation to flow naturally. Don’t force it by selling your product or service
  • Actively listen to what the other person has to say.
  • Once the opportunity presents itself, be able to express what you love so much about your company, product, or service.
  • Have business cards with you to easily exchange contact information.

Tip #3 Follow-Up

  • Follow-up in a timely manner, and reference something you discussed to remind the person of who you are. (This is where listening comes in.)
  • A simple email is fine, or sending the person an invitation to connect on LinkedIn works as well

Still think business networking isn’t important? The truth is business networking is beneficial for everyone. Even if you aren’t looking you may discover opportunities to grow within your field, opportunities to recommend someone you know, or opportunities for your employer as a whole; all things that are very important to a successful long term career.

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