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VISA for Vacation

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May 14, 2014 by BCCU Share on: Share on Facebook Share on Twitter


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See this smile? It'll last 24/7 when unexpected circumstances don't derail the family vacation.


When you're planning the family vacation, you want to be prepared. And you likely know all the warnings about the dangers of credit cards, but there are some smart reasons to have one.

5 Reasons having a Bellwether VISA in your wallet is a good thing

When Bellwether Community Credit Union decided to offer a credit card, they wanted the benefits to its members to clearly out-weigh other considerations. Here are some of the important things Bellwether focused on for its VISA card:
Acceptance—If you run into an emergency of the kind that is double or triple your cash on hand, a VISA card is your best friend. It's accepted almost everywhere, and gives you thirty interest-free days to settle the bill after your vacation.
Free Transfers—Whether you're making a purchase or transferring an amount from a second, higher-rate credit card, you pay the same low interest rate. Plus, we don't charge you a fee to transfer that balance. 
Rewards—When you use the Bellwether Platinum VISA you'll earn points. How cool is it that your unexpected vacation expense scores you future airfare*?
$0 Fraud Liability—It feels as if stories of fraud and identity theft are rampant, but you don't have to worry with a Bellwether VISA. Our card protects you from any fraudulent purchase made on your card.
Credit Rating—Using and paying off a credit card strengthens your credit rating, which can help you out down the road when you apply for a mortgage or a home renovation loan.
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The other bonus with our VISA is our rates. Take a look at them here—they're pretty incredible when you compare them with rates other financial institutions offer
Wherever your vacation plans take you this spring and summer, we wish you safe travels and peace of mind.
*Our VISA card offers many other rewards, not just travel or airfare perks. You can peruse the choices here:
Bellwether's great VISA Platinum with
CU Rewards is the perfect traveling companion.


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