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The Super Hero Scramble; More Than a Race, Itís an Adventure!

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October 16, 2014 by Trish R. Share on: Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Has your adventurous side ever pushed you to participate in an obstacle course race? It’s the latest in racing. You run up and down hills, over rocky terrain while also scaling a variety of obstacles. Everything from rope climbs to 20 foot jumps into icy cold water, all in the spirit of fun. My inner super hero got the urge this past June and I found myself signed up for the Super Hero Scramble, an adventurous super hero themed obstacle course races that was held at Amesbury Park in Amesbury, MA. Everything about the race is super hero inspired, from the obstacles to the costumes. Athletes come dressed as their favorite super hero and run one of three course options. Dressed as “The Black Widow”, a few coworkers and I had a blast competing in this year’s Super Hero Scramble.

happy pariticpants of Smart for Life Superhero scramble

The Super Hero Scramble has 5 different course levels; Charger, Intimidator, Villain, Super Villain and Super Kid.

The Charger: The shortest race at around 4 miles and 20 obstacles. Participants run over hilly terrain through the woods and tackle 20 different obstacles including the Mounds of Doom, where you jump or climb over giant mounds of mud and dirt. It looked and sounded easy enough until we realized that we would not be able to jump from mound to mound. We ended up covered in mud.

The Intimidator: An 8+ mile course with 25 or more obstacles. This race is not for the timid, and includes obstacles like the Leap of Faith. “The Leap” involves climbing a structure then leaping 20 feet into the water below. If you have a fear of heights you’ll conquer that in no time.

The Villain: A 13 mile course with 30 or more obstacles. This course is designed to defeat any super hero who attempts it. The obstacles on this course are literally out to get you with muddier, more intense obstacles and surprise challenges.

The Super Villain: A 26 mile course with over 60 obstacles! This is a marathon distance course that is for elite athletes. Think you’re a true super hero, give this course a try. We just stood by and watched!

The Super Kid: This is a one mile obstacle race for kids ranging in age from 3-13. Kids get to experience a few obstacles and receive a t-shirt and medal. The kids have a blast climbing walls and running through the mud dressed as their favorite super heroes. My son is big into super heroes so I cheered on my own personal Captain America! He had a great time and was so excited to get his first race medal!

If you complete the Charger, Intimidator and Villain courses in one year you’ll receive a special medal and are recognized as a Super Hero Legend.

This is one of the more entertaining obstacle course races around, so if you want an exciting day with a few shots of adrenaline get your favorite super hero costume out of the closet (go on, we know it’s there), suit up and have fun!

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