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A Mobile World: The Rise of Cellphone Ownership

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February 11, 2016 by Guest Share on: Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

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Would you be lost without your smartphone or cellphone? Welcome to the club.

According to the Pew Research Center, only 10 percent of American adults don't own a cellphone, and it's hard to imagine what the world would be like without our phones being no more than an arm's length away at any given moment. We check our phones even when we don't hear them ringing or feel them vibrating. Mobile devices are so popular that it looks like the growth in ownership isn't slowing down any time soon.

  • 90 percent: The percent of American adults who own a cellphone.
  • 10 percent: The percent of American adults who don't own a cellphone.
  • 67 percent: The percent of cellphone owners who check their phones for messages, alerts or calls, even when they don't notice their mobile device vibrating or ringing.
  • 64 percent: The percent of American Adults who own a smartphone as of October 2014.
  • 6: the average age of an American kid when they get their first cellphone.
  • 1 day, 6 hours, 15 mins: The amount of time spent per month by smartphone users ages 18 and over on apps alone.
  • 3 hours, 15 mins: The average amount of time young adults ages 16-24 spend per day online via their smartphones.
  • In 2014, Verizon Wireless came in first place for mobile performance as a major mobile service provider in the United States. AT&T came in second place and Sprint came in third.
  • Drivers in their 20s make up 27 percent of the distracted drivers in fatal crashes in the U.S.
  • American households spent more than $900 a year on cellphone bills in 2013.

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