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Spring Cleaning Tips

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March 31, 2016 by Trish R. Share on: Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Spring CleaningIt’s that time of year again - Spring!  Time for Spring Cleaning.

Every year I plan to start my Spring cleaning early. It doesn't happen. Why? Because I never seem to have a plan. This year I decided to do some research and streamline the process. Talk about an "aHA! Moment" Use these simple steps to make the entire process simple.

The first and most important trick? Do one room at a time! Complete that room then move on. You'll be checking rooms off your list and enjoying a cleaner house in no time.

Organize the Kitchen

It's the busiest room in the house, right?

Clean Out the Fridge - Empty the entire thing, then wipe down the shelves and the door with this great salt and soda water cleaner recommended by HGTV.

  1. Keep Your Trash Can Handy - Dispose of all food that is outdated, doesn't look (or smell) good!
  2. Get Your Storage in Shape! - Cupboards, pantry, and counters are next. I'm using baskets and jars, with labels to make finding things easier.

    Check out “17 DIY Kitchen Tips That Will Forever Change Your Favorite Room” from the Huffington Post.  My favorite? Using shoe pocket storage for snacks. I put one on my pantry door. When you can see what  you're running low on, it's much easier to stay on track with groceries.

De-Clutter The Bedrooms

Get rid of stuff you don’t need!

  1. Give Something Back - Donate unwanted items (gently worn and freshly laundered) to Goodwill. For larger pieces, consider Family OutFITters. This thrift store provides a revenue stream for Families in Transition, which is a nonprofit that seeks to help those struggling with homelessness in NH.
  2. Take Inventory of the Kids' Rooms - Unused toys? Clothes that don't fit? Make a list of what you'll need for summer, then donate, resell, or swap with friends. Use plastic totes (labelled) for storing  winter clothes and shoes.
  3. Create a Home Office Area - File away important papers, warranties, receipts, etc. Invest in a filing cabinet with a lock.  This frees up space on your dresser, night stand, and vanity (or if you're like me, the dining table!) . Not sure how long to keep items? Check out this list from Consumer Reports.

Brighten the Living Room

It's all about that DUST! And it's everywhere!

  1. Dust First - Do all the dusting before the floor. Got a dusty ceiling fan?  Place an old sheet or drop cloth on the floor to catch those dust bunnies.
  2. Move the Furniture - For a good Spring Cleaning, you need to do more than lift a finger. Move the furniture to vacuum or damp mop. If you have carpet consider renting one of those carpet cleaners and cleaning it all before putting the furniture back in place.
  3. We Do Windows - Get your windows squeaky clean with tips from HGTV! A squeegee helps to avoid streaks and gets things sparkling. You'll love the sunshine as it pours in.

    Pinterest is a great source for creative organization ideas. Have a plan and follow it and your house will stay cleaner, longer. Who knows you may discover your next DIY project. Happy Spring!

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Consumer Reports
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