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Sick Day Activities with your Kids

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January 27, 2016 by Trish R. Share on: Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

painted egg cartonLast week when I arrived at daycare to pick up my daughter, she came running over, gave me a hug and when I picked her up she instantly put her head down on my shoulder and stayed there. Right then I knew it. I checked her forehead and, sure enough, she was warm, so her teacher checked her temperature… it read 101. Thankfully, it only lasted through the night, but to be safe, she is required to be fever-free for 24-hours before returning to school. That meant a sick day for me at home with her so she could rest. What were we to do for a whole day? Well, thanks to Google and Pinterest we found a few different activities to try:

Egg Carton Butterflies:Egg cartons. We all have them. We empty its contents and, hopefully, recycle them. But why not put them to better use? Use them to do simple craft with your kids. Each carton will give you 3 butterflies, then just add pipe cleaner and give the kiddos some paint. My daughter enjoyed painting them all one color, then going back and adding polka dots or stripes to each.

Cookie Sheet Magnets: If you’ve got a child who needs to stay in bed, grab a cookie sheet and fill it up with magnets. For younger kids, use letters for them to form words, and for older kids, use magnetic poetry magnets to help them create sentences and short stories.

Scavenger Hunt: Hide objects around the house (in fairly obviously spots so it’s not too hard), then send your child off to look for them. Give them a bucket and a list (or just tell them one item at a time) and see how long it takes. Little kids will probably want to do this game over and over so it can fill up a large part of your day with very little effort on your part.

Movie Marathon: What better way to spend the day than to cuddle up on the couch with your child watching a movie, or two, or three? When they’re feeling well, we try to limit screen time, but sick days are the perfect opportunity for kids to rest, possibly doze off, in front of the TV. From experience, I recommend movies they’ve already seen so they don’t get upset if they sleep through the good parts!

What do you do with your kids when they are feeling under the weather?

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