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Running With Others Can Be Beneficial to Your Training

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November 13, 2015 by Jenn R. Share on: Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

group of people runningI have settled into a running routine. I am already well on my way to my first 5k. I’ve registered with my sister for a race on Thanksgiving morning. In case you were wondering, I recently discovered 5k is the equivalent to 3.1 miles. I’ll have burned enough calories to eat plenty of turkey and even a slice or two of pumpkin pie. I’ve been using a training app (MY ASICS) to track my mileage and speed. According to the plan on the app, I am on target with having reached 2.5 miles as my training distance thus far. I will be going even further next week.

I enjoy my training runs but often wonder what I will do when I try to run for longer periods and/or farther distances. I can see myself possibly getting bored or at least losing momentum. That’s why I decided to look into joining a running group. Many cities and communities have running clubs to suit all levels and abilities. Some groups are organized through your local running store, and they may even have programs to help you train for a particular race/distance. No matter what your current pace is, you could benefit by training with a partner or group. “Multiple studies have demonstrated that runners experience an increase in motivation when training with another person or people, but that increase in motivation – often accompanied by an increase in speed – can depend on who the other person is, how fast they are, and even what they’re wearing.” I found this to be true when I recently ran with my sister, who happens to be seven years younger and has been training a lot longer than me. At the start of our run my legs felt like lead but I was determined to keep up with her. I couldn’t let my little sister beat me! Surprisingly, I hung in and after the first five to ten minutes, I fell into a groove. My legs hadn’t failed me and were propelling me to go farther. I look forward to running again with my sister when race day rolls around, in less than two weeks’ time. In preparation for more races down the road, I also look forward to running with other speedy partners from my new running club.





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