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Running With or Without Tunes.

Authored By: Jenn R. on 10/9/2015
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I enjwoman running with headphoneoy listening to music while I run. My tunes of choice are electronic dance beats. They motivate me and keep me going at a rather steady pace. I’ve always found listening to music helps my workouts move along. However, I recently came across an article that argues against listening to music during runs. Some say it is dangerous and distracting to wear headphones while running. Being able to hear the surrounding traffic, potential problematic dogs, and fellow runners along the way is important, that's a simple fact.

The article goes on to state “one of the basic etiquette rules of running is that you can hear others, so you can move out of the way or stop, when necessary.” I try to take this concern into consideration by lowering the volume on my iPhone. This way I can still make sure I’m able to hear background noise. Another argument for running without music goes on to explain that running is supposed to provide time for one to be alone with their thoughts and reflect. This then leads to one being more "in tune" with their body, paying closer attention to their breathing and pace. I may just try a training run or two without my headphones and see if this is indeed true.

How do you prefer to run, with or without music? And if the answer is with, what kind?



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