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Is HGTV killing you yet?

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April 02, 2014 by BCCU Share on: Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

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Are home improvement shows causing your DIY heart to flutter? A home equity line of credit instead of a home renovation loan might be the choice to make your reno dreams come true.


There hasn't been a time in history (well, television history) with as many home renovation and do-it-yourself shows as there are right now. And it's not only amazing projects for your unfinished basement, it's gorgeous ideas to create an outdoor kitchen, or eye-boggling designs to renovate your backyard!

Are you letting the thought of getting a home renovation loan stand in the way of you and your spring reno plans? Don't let that be a stumbling block.

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Try out our loan calculator to see how the numbers look for your home renovation plans.



Your new kitchen is just a HELOC away

Whether you want to update your kitchen, add a garage, or turn your college-bound son's room into a Man Cave, you may already have the home renovation project funds you're looking for—in your home's equity.

Even if you purchased your home five or more years ago, or you're concerned that property values have declined, you may have enough value in your home to enable you to get a home equity line of credit (or HELOC.) With property values on the rise, and spring in the air, well…you may want to check out the HELOC landscape for yourself (pun intended!)

Bellwether's Home Equity Plus Line of Credit is calling!

Bellwether has a number of HELOC products, but the Home Equity Plus Line of Credit allows financing of up to 100% loan-to-value ratio (LTV.) This gives you lots of flexibility to take on the major renovation project you've been dreaming about.

One last thing—a HELOC doesn't just have to be for home renovation. It can help pay college tuition or fly you to your dream vacation destination. Call us today to talk it over!

For our full range of HELOC products, visit our site here.

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7/23/2014 1:49 PM Lori F. from allentown, PA
Great posts! Thank you.
Reply From Bellwether Community Credit Union:

 Thanks Lori! Glad you're enjoying them.

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