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How Your Local Credit Union (like Bellwether!) Can Help You Save More Money This Fall

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October 25, 2018 Share on: Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Save Money With Bellwether This Fall






Save Money With Bellwether This Fall

Ah, Fall-time! The trees are in a yellow-orange-and-red-frenzied state, and your over-ecstatic next door neighbor's yard looks like it came straight out of a Tim Burton movie. But, there's one thing in fall that's far spookier than that store-bought skeleton illuminated by purple lights in your neighbor's yard, and that's your Fall bills.

Whether it's back-to-school, Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Pre-Christmas bills that are stacking up on your kitchen counter, Autumn is undoubtedly an expensive time of the year. So, how about taking advantage of your local credit union to save you some serious pumpkin pie money? Here are some incredible ways that credit unions can help you save money from January to February. Get ready to Fall in love with your local credit union.

Low-Interest Rates on Loans

Did you know that credit union offers lower interest rates on loans on average than banks? Well, it's true! For example, at BCCU we have car loans as low as 4.04%! How do we offer our loans at such a low-interest rate? Well, unlike banks, we aren't owned by thousands of investors; we're a non-profit organization that's owned by our members. Instead of a monthly check in the mail, we use some of that extra money to offer lower interest rates on our loans. So, instead of paying high-interest auto and home loans, use that extra cash to trick-or-treat yourself!

High-Interest Rates on Checking and Savings Accounts

Feast your eyes on this! Not only do credit unions offer lower interest rates on loans, but they also offer higher interest rates (on average) on checking and savings account. Most banks don't even offer interest rates on checking accounts! That means that you could be earning money on those checking deposits you get from the good-old job.

At BCCU our Gold and Platinum level checking accounts both have interest rates on them. Our Platinum level has a 0.1% interest rate —which isn't half bad for a checking account.

Our saving accounts are even better, with most savings accounts we offer yielding a 0.5% annual return!

Are you looking to get your kid excited about something other than that Halloween candy? Our Save It Today! Kid's Club has an annual percentage yield of 0.95%! Ok, so, that's probably not as fun as Halloween candy, but it's definitely a great way to kickstart a child's savings account.

Free Professional Finance Management

This will give you pumpkin' to tell your friends about! What if we told you that every BCCU member gets access to completely free financial management from Dominic Lucente over at Northeast Planning Associates, Inc. We know; it seems too good to be true. Not only is this free financial planning a great way to get some help in those crunch times, but it's also a great representation of how credit unions work.

Credit unions are a beacon of the community, because, well, we are the community. We're owned by each and every person who opens an account. We don't take a cut at the end of the year, so we disperse profits by funneling them into community-driven advantages, and, of course, better interest rates. It's not just our credit union that's involved with the community; it's pretty much every credit union out there.

Free App and Mobile Deposits (save on gas)

Get ready to scream Oh My Gourd! Because, Bellwether offers a totally free mobile app!

What does this completely free app do?

Oh, how about:

  • Make payments over the mobile app
  • Deposit checks using your phone's camera
  • Transfer funds
  • View your balance(s)
  • and (coming soon!) Pay-a-Friend

We're always working on new and exciting features for our app. We know that mobile is the future (err.. the now) and we aren't going to be one of those companies that refuses to get-with-the-times. Expect some great things coming from us in the future.

Now, we can't technically say that this is shared across all credit unions. It's probably not. But, we have it, and we're the best credit union ever (completely unbiased of course.)

Courtesy Pay

We love you a latte. So, when it comes to those embarrassing moments in life where you hear the dreaded "insufficient funds" being not-so-quietly whispered from the checkout counter as a group of wildly impatient shoppers stare you down, we've got your back.

What if, instead of embarrassing you in front of everyone and then charging $30 for that embarrassment, we just covered you? After all, you're a member of our credit union, and you bank with us all the time. Why would we charge you to get embarrassed?

Our courtesy pay feature covers the funds in your account if you accidentally spend a little-too-much. Now, we still have a $30 fee just like banks, but, unlike banks, we actually give you the cash to cover your purchase. What's the difference between courtesy pay and an overdraft fee?

  • Protection from that embarrassing "insufficient funds" nonsense
  • It protects your credit!
  • Protection from returned check charges

Now that's more like it! Let overdraft fees be a thing of the past. Get some courtesy pay in your life. Don't let that shopping basket that's overflowing with Thanksgiving goodies be the overbearing cart of embarrassment at your local grocery store!

No Monthly Fee

Hallo-ween yourself off of that monthly dose of fees. At Bellwether (and every other credit union that we're aware of) there aren't any pesky monthly fees! Why aren't there any monthly fees? Well, we think monthly fees are bogus! Do you have to pay Walmart extra to shop there? Do you have to pay your local gas station a "monthly gas pumping fee?" No!

What can you do with that extra $5 in monthly fees? Well, let's see.

  • Buy a pumpkin pie!
  • Save up for those post-candy dental bills.
  • Buy that cute pirate costume for your dog.
  • Pay that neighborhood kid to rake up your leaves.
  • And much much more!

We understand the value of a $5 bill. Sure, it's not a ton of money, but it's more than you should be paying every month to do business with us!

We get it; Fall is expensive. But, switching from your bank to your local credit union can help save you some serious money! Higher interest rates on checking and savings accounts, no monthly fees, courtesy pay, free apps, and free community-driven benefits are just some of the sweet stuff that credit unions offer. Don't fall for those gimmicky banks with their overpriced commercials with way-too-happy looking bank customers. Instead, come to visit your local credit union where you can be a part of something bigger — and save some money doing it too!

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