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7 Ways Skip-A-Pay Could Help You Enjoy Life a Little More.

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Bellwether's skip-a-pay could make your life easier

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Sometimes your monthly income just doesn't stretch far enough to cover everything, and other times you just need some extra cash to cover an unexpected expense. Maybe you need a little time off with your spouse, away from the daily grind and household responsibilities. Perhaps your kids have finally worn you down enough to get you to buy that new game system. Wouldn't it be nice if you could skip that car, boat, RV, or personal loan payment just for a month so you could make everybody happy?

At Bellwether Community Credit Union, we understand life gets crazy, and adulting is hard. You work hard, and you do the responsible thing all the time, and it's not always fun. That's why we've developed a program called Skip-a-Pay, which lets people take a break from their loan payments and catch their breath. Sometimes you just have to treat yo self!

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Make Your Escape

You like your job, your boss isn't too bad, your co-workers are alright, but there's more to life than the 9 to 5 drag. How long has it been since you and your significant other took off, without the kids, to enjoy a little down time together? Has it been a while? You know it won't cost much, but you just can't justify dipping into your savings or adding more to your credit card balance. Don't sweat it! Just let us know you need a loan payment break and take off without guilt. You'll come back feeling refreshed and ready to take on life's little challenges with a spring in your step.

Take a Spa Day

There's nothing like being pampered, but you're always the one doing for others and rarely have the time to brush your hair, much less pamper yourself! A long, deep massage, facial, manicure, pedicure, and maybe even a mud bath will set you right. The problem is, you know that taking a day (or three) and focusing only on yourself isn't in the family budget. Use Skip-A-Pay to save some extra cash and get that spa day you deserve!

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Buy Yourself Something Nice

Groceries, toilet paper, dog food, cat litter, gas for the car and stuff for the kids. Those are the things you normally spend your money on, because you're a responsible adult who cares about their family. But the local sporting goods store has a big sale going on and there's an awesome set of golf clubs you would love to have. Your wife is dead set against you buying them, not because she's mean, but because of the family budget and the upcoming bill for your car loan. Just tell her about Skip-A-Pay!

Gas Up the Boat and Float

Boat gif

When you first bought your boat, you thought you'd be able to take it out every weekend to go fishing with your buddies. How's that working out for you? Between your family obligations and the payments you rarely get out of the house. Still, you love your boat. The season is quickly coming to an end and you're determined to get out on the water. Here's an idea for you, just don't make the payment and you'll have plenty of cash to spend without feeling guilty! All you have to do is contact us and we'll give you the break you need, and ease up your cash without any hassle at all.

Spoil Your Kids a Little

Your kids are great, and you are a proud parent who wants to make sure their childhood is full of great memories. You feel bad that you can't always buy them the things they want, or take them on cool adventures. Relax, they're not going to be damaged too much by you saying no to them. But, once in a while you just have the urge to spoil them a little bit, because you're cool like that. If only you had a few dollars extra, you'd be happy to take them to the amusement park, but you've got a personal loan payment to make. Skip it for a month and show your kids a good time, they're only young once!

Start a New Hobby

hobby gif

Have you been dreaming about starting a new hobby, but just can't find the spare cash to get going? Maybe you're interested in learning how to play disc golf, or taking up the guitar. Perhaps your tastes are a little stranger and you think competitive dog grooming would be fun. We're not here to judge, in fact, we encourage you to find a hobby that makes you happy. We know that hobbies take money, and that's especially true when you're first getting started. You know, if you skip your RV payment for a month, you'll have the money available. Don't worry, it won't hurt your credit, and we won't mind!

Do Some Home Improvements

That leaky sink in the bathroom, chipped paint on the front porch, and broken front window have been eating at you for months. It's hard to come up with the time, and the money, to take care of the problem, but it's reached a breaking point. Sure would be nice to have a couple hundred bucks to take care of it, without having to take out a loan, or use your credit card. You've tried to save back the money, but something always comes up and the money disappears. Our Skip-a-Pay program is the answer! Don't worry about your current loan payment for a month and put that money into your house instead.

You've probably got a few other ideas about how you could spend your monthly car, motorcycle, boat, RV, or personal loan payment, just this one time, and that's okay. We understand that there's more to life than paying bills, and we believe in giving people a break once in a while. Find out more about how our Skip-a-Pay option works and how it can help you get more out of life by clicking here.

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