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DIY Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids.

Authored By: Trish R. on 2/12/2015
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little girl with painted handsValentine’s Day falls on the same date every year, yet every year it somehow sneaks up on me. And now that I have kids, there are more snacks and gifts to be prepare, yet my budget hasn’t increased. Thankfully, there are websites like Pinterest that can provide cute, simple DIY Valentine’s Crafts you can do with your kids, so you can look like that overachieving parent you’ve always wanted to be! Here are some ideas for all your Valentine’s gift-giving needs:

“You Color My World” Valentines: Kid’s love to color, so why not give a useful gift like crayons! You can use either a small box of crayons or just a few in a bag. Then you can create your own tag or use the printable one provided. Either way, it’s a cute and easy to make for any classroom Valentine’s Day party.

Toilet Paper Roll Heart Stamps: All you need is an empty toilet paper roll, some paint, paper and, of course, a willing child. You can bend the roll slightly to make a heart, secure it with some tape, and let your child stamp away. These would be great to send to grandparents, friends or family.

Personalized Valentine’s Candles: Great for teachers or family, and can be made with only a few supplies, most of which you can purchase at a dollar store. This could definitely be a craft to use over and over again for holidays, birthdays or any special occasion.

Valentine Paper Roll Owls: Don’t toss that ugly brown paper towel roll. Why not turn it into a cute little Valentine’s Day themed owl! Another craft that only requires a few supplies and can be customized any way you’d like – add a ribbon so you can hang it, add a magnet so you can stick it, or just let it be and you can place it on a flat surface anywhere.

Kid-Friendly Dipped & Decorated Pretzels: Need a quick treat to bring to your child’s Valentine’s Day party at school? You’ll want to make these. They are easy to make, your kids can help, plus they taste great, too! And, since they are just pretzels and chocolate (and sprinkles if you wish), you can hopefully avoid any common food allergy issues like nuts or gluten! (Just be sure to read the packaging to be sure!)

For parents, time is always an issue. I hope these quick ideas help you have a successful holiday. If you are looking for other Valentine-themed crafts, check out our Pinterest Board: DIY Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids. Be sure to follow us on Pinterest while you are there so you can get more ideas like this throughout the year.

Do you have an idea for a Valentine’s Day craft for kids? Leave it in a comment below.

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