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Change is in the Air

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October 02, 2015 by Jenn R. Share on: Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

trees starting to change colorAs I write this article around lunch time, I am eating a pepperoni pizza and yes, I also had a large slice of apple pie for dinner last night! Don’t judge. I’ve started out the month of October on the right foot. Yay-me! Yesterday I got home from work and immediately changed into my running gear before any excuses could get in the way. I felt great. It was an early, crisp autumn day.

As I left my driveway and ran down the street, I couldn’t help but notice my shirt seemed a bit tighter and my shorts a little less roomy. It has been a while since I last wore them. I had given up on my fitness routine; however, I am now getting back on track. As I began to pick up the pace, I felt areas of my body jiggle that I didn’t remember from before either.  “Change is in the air,” I tell myself. Just as leaves go through a transformation, so have I. I am no longer the 20-something year old who could be out all night and still get to work on time the very next morning. I have aged like a fine wine over the years. I am quite happy with the person I’ve become. I simply want to be more active and healthy. So, I am not going to lie dormant this winter. I have committed to fitness being a priority in my life and it will be so. No matter what the coming winter weather has in store for us, I am prepared to stay active. This week I’m proud to say I have actually started running again and it feels good!

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