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Celebrate Earth Day & Go Green!

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April 21, 2015 by Amanda N. Share on: Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Spring is upon us and everything is going to start turning green again. Fortunately, New Hampshire is a beautiful state full of lakes, mountains, and coastline. It’s important we help to keep the environment around us clean and promote going green! What better time to start doing this than Earth Day? This year Earth Day is Wednesday, April 22.

New Hampshire Magazine and Parenting NH have posted several family friendly Earth Day events. Some events are taking place on Earth Day, while others are that weekend. These events consist of garden clean ups, beach clean ups, and Earth Day 5K runs! I outlined a few of the events to give you an idea.

The 5th Annual Stoneyfield Earth Day 5K – Saturday May 16th, 2015. This event isn’t on Earth Day, but includes a free Earth Day fair. The fair starts at 10 AM and is open to the public. The race is open for registration through May 12th. There will be food, music, and other great environment friendly products!

Kennebunk Savings Rescue Run: Race for Marine Mammals – A 5K run/walk at the Seacoast Science Center on Saturday April 25th, 2015. This event is kid-friendly and will include music and additional ocean activities. The Blue Ocean Society will also be holding a beach clean-up!

Make sure to check out the lists to find an event that interest you! If you can’t make it to any of the Earth Day events, you can still Go Green. The following are some tips to be earth-friendly every day of the year.

  • Use Reusable Grocery Bags – Reduce waste by using cloth bags at the grocery store instead of paper or plastic. The bags are more durable to carry and are sometimes even made from recycled products!
  • Bring Your Own To-Go Cup To The Drive-Thru – Bring your own cup when ordering coffee. Some places even offer a discount when you do!
  • Recycle / Repurpose – Recycling allows us to reuse products instead of disposing of them. Sort your garbage and take it to the recycling center, instead of using a dumpster. If you’re crafty, you can make lots of things for your home with repurposed items. We Hate to Waste outlines how to recycle correctly at the recycling center.
  • Compost – Composting is all organic, and helps the soil. If you’re new to composting, check out Planet Natural for composting tips.

It’s important we all do our part in keeping Planet Earth clean. Recycle and repurpose to reduce waste whenever possible. Every little bit we do will help to keep our home clean and healthy. Since I am a gardener my goal is to be better at composting. How will you become more Earth Friendly this year? Let us know in the comments below!


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