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Budget & Kid Friendly DIY Gifts

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December 16, 2014 by Trish R. Share on: Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

With three school-aged children who have an endless list of friends, teachers and coaches, I usually spend a small fortune on Christmas gifts. That stops this year!

Don’t get me wrong, I love giving personal and meaningful gifts, what I dislike is spending hours running from store to store or searching online and ending up with a pile of over-priced generic gifts. You know the gifts; snowman coffee mugs filled with candy or cocoa or the assorted perfumed candle gift set. The ones you end up re-gifting at the company Yankee Swap the following year.

little boy making cookies

This year I’m taking full advantage of the near endless supply of DIY gift ideas on Pinterest. I’ve found a few ideas that I’m sure will please everyone on a list. If you haven’t checked out Pinterest recently, or at all, you’re missing out. It’s a website full of neatly organized DIY crafts, recipes, exercise routines and gardening tips.

Glittery Snowball Ornaments are a great project that my younger kids can make and give to their friends. All you need is small balloons, string, liquid glue and glitter. My kids had an absolute blast making these, especially when they got to poke a hole in the water balloons.

DIY Wrap Bracelets are great gift ideas for friends and teachers, and they allow the kids to get creative with each bracelet. I found this was a project better suited to my older one, especially when, four days later I was stepping on the beads the younger ones had dropped.

These hand made snowflake ornaments are really cute! My youngest son wasn’t as excited about making the snowflake ornaments as he was the snowball ornaments, but my two older boys laughed for more than an hour making these.

Do you have friends, family or a teacher that has a furry four-legged friend? Why not make peanut butter dog biscuits for them? I found a really simple dog biscuit recipe that makes about a dozen biscuits. They smelled so good baking I had to try one – it was crunchy and delicious!

For my co-workers and friends, I made almond toffee bites and cinnamon sugar candied nuts and put them in festive, inexpensive containers with bows.

Making homemade gifts was as easy as typing in and searching for “DIY Christmas gifts.” My children enjoyed making gifts for all of their friends and teachers, and I enjoyed the quality time with them, as well. I’m so hooked on Pinterest now, that I’ve already created pin boards for other holidays.

If you have a favorite holiday pin or board, please feel free to share it with us and let us know what you like about it, in the comments below.

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