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Back to School Essentials for Students

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August 25, 2015 by Trish R. Share on: Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

kids on getting on school bus

Backpacks, notepaper, jeans and t-shirts, or even Internet access…school supplies are more varied than ever. And as we're ticking down to the end of August and the start of the school year, some of the school supplies could catch you by surprise.

Get the school supply essentials your kids need

color pencils and notebooks



All the little things your children need for school can add up. Image from


Are you a busy mom trying juggle multiple supply lists to get your kids ready for school? Using your Bellwether Visa Platinum card can help you get what your children need, and give you a little breathing room before you need to pay for them. It's also helpful to cover those often-forgotten, first-week-of-school costs like student fees and special course materials.

What makes a Bellwether Visa Platinum the right choice?

college dorm room with bed




Make a college dorm room cozy, cool and a little bit like home. Image from



Using credit wisely is something you probably understand, and Bellwether offers the perfect Visa that rewards your smart spending. A Bellwether Visa Platinum has

• no annual fee

• no balance transfer or cash advance fees

• the same rate for purchases, transfers and cash

• points for merchandise and travel (with CURewards)

• $0 Fraud Liability

Super easy application

Not only will a Bellwether Visa Platinum help you get the back-to-school supplies you need, it's great for anyone just starting to build their credit, like college students. And the application process is incredibly easy—click here to start the process.

We're excited to be a part of your back-to-school plans. If you have questions about applying for a Bellwether Visa Platinum, contact us for more information at 603-645-8181.

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