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4 Top Halloween Safety Tips

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October 28, 2014 by Trish R. Share on: Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

photo of foil-wrapped halloween chocolate

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, I especially enjoy helping my kids decorate the house and select the perfect costume. It’s one of those fun holidays where you can dress up, scare everyone you know and eat enough treats to put yourself into a candy coma.

It’s also important to make sure everyone is safe while trick-or-treating, especially after dark. In an effort to keep my kids safe and my stress to a minimum, I follow a few common sense tips.

Safe Costumes: Costumes should be light or brightly colored and have reflective tape so that kids are visible at night to drivers while walking from house to house. Whether homemade or store bought, I put reflective tape on my kids costumes. If you’re creative (unlike me) you can use the reflective tape to make fun designs.

Avoid Masks: If at all possible avoid having your kids wear a mask; they can limit a child’s peripheral vision. Instead of a mask consider having them wear face paint or makeup. Test face makeup for allergy issues before putting it on your child’s face. It’s not always possible to avoid Halloween masks. This year my son is going trick-or-treating as a Power Ranger, the mask makes the costume. I decided to make the eye holes larger to help him see well. I’ve also had several conversations reminding him that he will need to be extra careful while wearing the mask. His typical response? “I know Momma!” along with an eye roll. When he has the mask on I won’t be able to see those.

Accompany Minors: Young children should be accompanied by an adult, while older kids who want to go out unsupervised should go in groups and let parents know exactly where they are going, who they are going with and when they will return. This year I will be taking my two younger children out trick-or-treating while letting my oldest go out by herself for the first time (with a known and accepted group of friends). I’ve given her a cell phone with a GPS tracking app, in case of an emergency.

Check the candy: You should ALWAYS examine your child’s candy before letting them consume any of it. It’s important to make sure candy is intact, unspoiled, and nothing looks suspicious. Throw out any homemade treats from strangers, it’s best to be safe. This is also a good time to ration how many pieces of candy they can have each day. As I sort my kid’s candy, I’ve on occasion been known to sneak a few pieces; it’s a great way to help ration the pieces, right?
As the parent of three kids I’ve found these four tips extremely useful in ensuring all of my kids have a frightfully fun and safe time trick-or-treating. This year I think I’ll dress up too and get in on the fun.

American Academy of Pediatrics 
Safe Kids Worldwide

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