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FAQs about Bellwether Community Credit Union's MobileCheckDeposit24

What is MobileCheckDeposit24

MobileCheckDeposit24 is a service by which you can deposit a check from anywhere, with just a smartphone.

Checks deposited using MobileCheckDeposit24 are forwarded securely to your Bellwether deposit account. To use the service, you will need to go through the registration process which is then reviewed by Bellwether. Once approved, all you need is a smartphone, the appropriate smartphone app, and access to BCCU WEB24.

How do I sign up for MobileCheckDeposit24?

You can request authorization for MobileCheckDeposit24 by logging in to your WEB24 account and clicking on CheckDeposit24 on the top navigation bar. Once you receive notice that your request for authorization has been approved, you’ll be ready to use CheckDeposit24, MobileDeposit24 should be available to you within one business day after approval.

What are the hardware and software specifications for MobieCheckDeposit24?

In order to use MobileCheckDeposit24, you must have an iPhone or Android phone with the Bellwether WEB24 app.

One of the following browsers on a mobile device is required in order to make deposits using the RDA applications: